The Celebrities With the Best Bikini Figures [SLIDESHOW]

It’s funny but the same female celebrities who complain about being objectified always seem to post pictures of themselves in ever shrinking bikinis.  Not that I’m complaining mind you, I’m just pointing that fact out.

Here are what some bikini ladies say is the key to looking good in a bikini:

 “The secret to being confident in a bikini is doing your “nutritional homework” before you hit the beach. In addition to eating fish the week leading up to a bikini-worthy event for its protein and anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fat qualities, I always eat asparagus. It is a natural diuretic that helps lean you out. Avoid grains and dairy at all costs—both will majorly bloat you.”

— Shannon Ford, Mrs. United States

“Make a vision board. Funny as that sounds, your thoughts have just as much power as your actions. Keeping images of clothes, people, body types, and things that you admire will help you gravitate to acquiring those things/attributes if you reinforce them constantly. It can really help you accomplish your goals—fitness and otherwise!”

—Priya T. Scroggins, Designer of Beloved Star Resort Wear

“Clean up your eating habits. Take advantage of all the beautiful organic produce available this time of year; Drink plenty of water, aim for eight glasses a day; Stay active, whether it be running, kayaking, going for a hike, or learning to paddleboard; Get an organic spray tan. A little color will give you confidence and help you look a little slimmer; Most importantly, have a happy, positive outlook. That will outshine everything and give you that beautiful summer glow!”

—Lori Kenyon, Ritual Cleanse Co-founder and Fitness Competitor

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