Sports Illustrated Sets the Internet on Fire With Video of Jessica Gomes [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

Jessica Gomes, a model from down under is quickly becoming one of the most popular swimsuit models in America.  Her fans can’t get enough of her.  I would guess she appears on the bucket list of hundreds of thousands of men around the world.

 Sports Illustrated recently released footage from model Jessica Gomes’ photoshoot down under in Australia.

The video is titled, “Jessica Gomes Blows You A Kiss, Goes Down Under In Sydney,” and it is truly a sight to behold.

SI captioned the video of the Australian-native, “Jessica Gomes shows off her wild side behind the scenes of her steamy photoshoot in Sydney, Australia.”

Check out the never-before-seen video of Gomes lighting up the cameras.

Gomes isn’t one of the most popular Sports Illustrated models, but she still has an impressive following on social media and in the model world. She has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram alone.

The world will have to wait on pins and needles to see which model Sports Illustrated releases next.

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