San Francisco Public Schools Ban Chocolate Milk

I’m waiting for BLM to file a suit against the San Francisco school board for outlawing chocolate milk in an obviously bigoted attack, claiming that only white is right.  The board has actually been trying to implement this for several years.  The result of this ban will obviously be that less kids will drink milk.

 San Francisco city school district officials have decided to ban chocolate milk from elementary through high school according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Chocolate milk will be stripped from elementary and middle schools starting in the fall, and in high schools starting in the spring.

The San Francisco Unified School District’s (SFUSD) Board of Education set in motion its effort to rid the schools of chocolate milk back in April 2015, when it approved a “wellness policy.” The policy stated that Student Nutrition Services would “explore ways to phase out” chocolate milk under the policy.

Cutting out chocolate milk was tested in five area schools in the past year, according to the report. In two, there was no change in milk consumption, while the other three saw a dip. Los Angeles Unified School District cut out chocolate milk for six years, but after a 21-school pilot study last year, the district is reinstating it to “increase milk consumption and reduce waste.”

The L.A. Unified study determined that offering the flavored milk could increase consumption by 23 percent. The Chronicle also summarized the findings of a Cornell University study that showed “while banning chocolate milk could reduce calorie and sugar consumption, it could also mean less milk consumed, more waste and fewer kids buying school lunch.”

The American Heart Association has also studied chocolate milk and found it provided the same nutritional benefits that white milk does, and did not adversely affect the weight of children and adolescents, according to report.

H/T Breitbart News

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