• May 18, 2024

Man Sentenced for Killing 21 Cats, Sexually Abusing One [VIDEO]

 Man Sentenced for Killing 21 Cats, Sexually Abusing One [VIDEO]

Robert Roy Farmer, 25, has been found guilty of killing 21 cats and for sexually abusing one of them.  The cat owners were at the sentencing and demanded that the man be sent to prison for life.  I think the man’s acts were atrocious but life in prison does seem a little much considering people get less for killing a human.  He did receive the maximum sentence of sixteen years for his crimes.

Before the sentencing, Farmer’s attorney Wesley Schroeder read aloud a letter to the court written by his client.

‘It feels like another man committed these crimes, but I know it was me,’ the letter said, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

‘I stole a member of their family. The fact that I was out of my mind was no excuse,’ the letter went on.

Farmer, the son of a retired San Jose Police captain, was arrested October 8, 2015 after a month-long killing spree.

His lawyer has said that he was on methamphetamine at the time of the crimes.

Cops found him in a Home Depot parking lot, sleeping in his car with a dead cat curled up in the center console.

In his car, police found chunks of fur, blood, fur-covered gloves, a hunting knife and the collars of other cats.

A San Jose Animal Care and Services necropsy report determined the orange female tabby cat found dead in his car of blunt force trauma had dilated genitals.

The report also showed that a DNA match between Farmer and the cat was found under its claws. DNA tests linked Farmer to all 21 cats that were killed.

Farmer’s attorney, Wesley Schroeder, argued that there was no evidence of a sexual motive, saying in an email to NBC that the ‘(tuolidine blue) test designed to highlight abrasions or subtle trauma from sexual assault failed to show any evidence of even the most minuscule trauma.’

H/T The Mail Online


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