• July 14, 2024



Remember earmarks?  It was nicknamed ‘pork’ because it fattened the wallets of many people.  It seems we have not heard the last of it.

Donald Trump’s promise of ‘draining the swamp’ would not coincide with adding more pork.

pork-10Representatives John Culberson of Texas,  Mike Rogers of Alabama and Tom Rooney of Florida have initiated a bill that would bring legislative earmarks or ‘pork’,  as it is known,  back into practice.  The House earmark ban dates to 2010 when the GOP won control of the chamber.

Government agencies that would be affected would include the Department of Defense,  the  Army Corps of Engineers,  the Department of Homeland Security and the Bureau of Reclamation.  Earmarks would also be provided for state and local governments.

From the DAILYSIGNAL:  “A senior House aide this was the first step to completely ending the earmark ban by slowly peeling it away.

Prior to their ban in 2010,  lawmakers used earmarks to direct government agencies how to spend money.  The practice led to some noteworthy abuses such as the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska. Earmarks even played a role in former GOP Rep. Duke Cunningham’s bribery case.  Cunningham, who spent time in prison,  used earmarks in exchange for lobbyists’ gifts.”


In my discussion with U.S.  Representative Mike Kelly’s (Pennsylvania,  3rd District) office,  I was told that the rumored secret ballot would not be in effect and the ballot would be open when brought up for vote.  I was told that Kelly would 99% vote against the bill since he initially ran against it when he was elected.

My query went further to someone I could more easily discuss the matter with.  I spoke with Member of the House,  Mark Longietti’s office (Pennsylvania,  District 7).  I was told that no bills would be passed and that any bills not brought up earlier would wait for the new session to begin after January 20/17. pork-1

That conversation gave me a sigh of relief because I do not believe that  new bills should be voted on under a ‘lame duck’ president. Obama must go before the swamp can be sufficiently drained.

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