Police officer upholds oath ‘To Serve and Protect’ with incredible donation [video]

When this Wisconsin police officer took the oath to ‘serve and protect’ little did she know that she would be making an astounding sacrifice for a young child. According to WISN-12 ABC, Milton Township police officer Lindsey Bittorf stumbled upon the most life changing case in her life while she was browsing through Facebook. Her next steps would give her sworn oath new meaning.

Courage and compassion define the DNA moral makeup of Officer Bittorf, who made a life changing decision to help 8-year-old son Jackson Arneson, who was going to die if he didn’t get a new kidney. His mom Kristi Goll had literally exhausted every option she knew of for her son. Her family and friends were not matches for the young boy. She then made a determination to turn to Facebook for help.

Goll’s Facebook post was concise and moving. She asked, “I always knew these days would come, it’s just so hard when they are here. I have reached out before, I am just trying again to see if we can find anyone out there that would be interested in being tested.”

Fortunately, the Rock County, Wisconsin police officer was pursuing Facebook that day. She immediately reacted to an inner call within that tugged at her spirit to not look away as perhaps many others in the area had done and had seen the mom’s desperate plea for help. Bittorf decided to contact the family even though she had never met the family or heard of them before.

The officer did not hesitate. She got tested to see if she was a match for the young sick boy. It was certainly not a slam dunk, because an organ match is more complicated than simply being a blood match. Fortunately, the officer passed the first hurdle, because both she and the boy both had blood type O+.

Next, the prospective donating officer had to be in good health, and she was not only in great health but she was also within the necessary age range and matched three of a certain number of biological features like antigens to be approved as a transplant donor for 8-year-old Jackson.

Police officer donates kidney to young boy - photo credit - 10TV
Police officer donates kidney to young boy – photo credit – 10TV

To even the doctors’ amazement the officer was an excellent match for the boy. Bittorf remarked, “And they (doctors) were kind of shocked like for a person who is not related, you are a pretty good match,” said Bittorf. “This seriously like meant to be. Like it’s going to be me,” reported WISN-12 ABC.

The biggest surprise for the family arrived at their front door, when Officer Bittorf announced the good news to the family.
Jackson’s mom and dad were overjoyed with the life altering news. Goll exclaimed, “We went to the door and this police officer walks in.” She added, “I ripped [a gift] open and I saw the word ‘kidney’ and I didn’t even read the rest of it. I just saw ‘kidney’ and I looked over, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s you!'”

Bittorf, whose donation exemplified her devotion to helping the young boy explained why she was donating the kidney. She said, “I took an oath to serve and protect our community and now my kidney is going to serve and protect you,” according to WISN-12 ABC.

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