• July 21, 2024

Liberals Throwing a PITY PARTY?

 Liberals Throwing a PITY PARTY?

Some people are protesting in the streets.  They are so upset with Trump’s win that they have to disrupt others lives.

Strange.  but I see it differently.  These ‘Protesters’ think they wanted something that would have taken their freedom.  They think they wanted a corrupt politician,  why?

Some Americans still believe the Democratic Party to be the Party they have grown up to believe in.

43Many older Americans would not break from tradition.  They never saw their party changing.  They never believed the corruption was real.  They thought and many still do think that the corruption is a ‘made up story’ told by Republicans.

Young people were schooled to believe in what they were taught.  In many cases,  young democrats don’t really know history.  They are not aware that Republicans abolished slavery.

People are delusional about what the Democratic Party stands for in this day and age.  The Elite of the Democratic Party have become socialists on their way to being communists.  They want to rule the people and keep them in line to their beliefs.

So,  now is a time for these Americans to have their ‘PITY PARTY’.  They’ll complain and protest until they’re tired.  They will whine and gripe until the novelty has worn off.

What these Democrats,  also known as Hillary supporters,  do not know is that they don’t understand what they nearly had.  They could have had a very evil and corrupt woman who didn’t give a darn about them,  in the highest office of the land.

They say ‘Not my President’ now but wait until he becomes their president.  Trump will be the ‘People’s President’.

When Donald Trump is no longer the president elect and is President Trump,  things will change.  President 45 will be the great man most of the people already know he is.

It is my belief that President Trump will keep his word to the people.  He will not only keep his word to the people who elected him,  he will keep his word to all Americans.


You see,  I was a never a Republican until I switched from being an Independent to vote in the primaries to cast my ballot for Trump.

I am not a staunch Republican.  I believe in voting for the man or woman and the issues,  never for the party.

Americans will see that a Trump presidency will help all Americans.  The people will come to see that a ‘Pity Party’ is no longer needed.  A celebration will come over this great land;  just you wait and see.

44When you come to know who President Trump  (I just love writing that)  truly is,  you will love him as so many Americans already do.  President Trump loves America and wants to give back to his country because he was so lucky to benefit from being an American.

Now it is time for President Trump to give us all the will to ‘Make America Great Again’. He will be a PRESIDENT of the people.


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