People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Picture – Can You See Why? [VIDEO]

Fashionable Taiwanese, is the latest internet star who has stunned thousands of people with her incredibly youthful appearance.

Called “the goddess with a frozen age” by some online, Lure Hsu is 41 but appears much younger in photos. Lure said that the secret to her youthful appearance is drinking lots of water and eating veggies, according to the Daily Mail.

Lure, an interior designer, first gained online notoriety from photos with her actress sister, Sharon, 35. Sharon brought Lure along to an entertainment event in 2015, and also posted on Facebook celebrating her sister’s 40th birthday.

Sharon’s fans were shocked when they learned how old Lure was and she became an instant sensation online, gaining 230,000 followers on Instagram and 340,000 followers on Weibo, a Chinese social platform similar to Twitter, where Lure shares photos of herself and her life.

In an interview with a Taiwanese magazine, Lure stressed the importance of staying hydrated to keep a youthful appearance. She said that she avoids sugary sodas and aside from water, only drinks black coffee.

She also spoke about vegetarian foods such as pak choi, or Chinese cabbage. She mentioned that she avoids spicy foods, as well.

She advised those looking for youthful skin to moisturize each day in addition to wearing sunscreen. She also added that she takes nutritional supplements like collagen and vitamin C pills each day.

“Once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles,” Lure suggested. “After your skin is tanned, it will become dry. Freckles and small wrinkles would appear.”

A father in Texas went viral on Twitter after users noticed that he looked remarkably similar in two images of him walking his daughter to school that were set several years apart, reports Tribune.

The photos showed Jason Gaylor, 38, walking his daughter, Brittany, to school on her first day of kindergarten and her last day of high school.

“When I posted the tweet and going back and forth through the pictures, it just amazes me how fast it goes by. It feels like yesterday that we were taking that first picture,” Brittany said.

Users on Twitter noticed that Jason didn’t look like he had aged at all in the two photos, asking if he was “Benjamin Button.”

“My first reaction was, ‘Have you seen him in person?”’ said the man’s daughter. “But I do have to be honest. When I went back and looked at the pictures, I did notice that he still looks young.”

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