• June 17, 2024

People Are FLIPPING OUT Over Adele’s Comment About “Black Friends”

 People Are FLIPPING OUT Over Adele’s Comment About “Black Friends”

During her acceptance speech for Album of the Year at the Grammys, Adele thanked fellow singer Beyoncé for empowering her and her “black friends,” and people on Twitter are losing their minds over it.

“I can’t possibly accept this award. And I’m very humbled and I’m very grateful and gracious. But my artist of my life is Beyoncé,” Adele proclaimed. “And the way that you make me and my friends feel,” Adele added, “the way you make my black friends feel, is empowering. And you make them stand up for themselves.”

Although the “25” singer was praising Beyoncé and her album with her comments, people were quick to go after Adele for singling out her “black friends” in the speech.

Beyoncé was nominated in nine categories for the awards show, but won just two, taking home the Grammy for urban contemporary album of the year for “Lemonade” and the award for best music video for “Formation.”

Many of the categories she was nominated for also included Adele, and the singer was the first to admit that Beyoncé was deserving of every single one of them. Adele also acknowledged the audience that Beyoncé’s album spoke to most, women of color, and praised her for providing such an empowering voice for her fans.

“The ‘Lemonade’ album is monumental, so monumental, so well-thought-out, so beautiful and soul-baring,” Adele raved.

Beyoncé seemed to be able to appreciate the sentiment and mouthed the words “Thank you,” with tears welling in her eyes as Adele spoke.


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