Pasco County Florida Officers Called To Diffuse Semen Bomb

A Port Richey woman claims to be upset because she said that they outed her over a story about diffusing a semen bomb.  The 26 year old woman and her husband have been trying to have a baby and had received donated sperm, which they put in a stainless steel thermos along with dry ice.  But they failed to take out the rubber o ring as the instructions told them to.  That allowed the pressure to build up inside the thermos.  Fearing an explosion, they called the police, who relieved the pressure and they gave the couple back the thermos and it’s contents.

As reported by the Pasco County Police:

 Pasco deputies responded to an Assist Other Agency call for service yesterday, May 17, at about 6 p.m. A 26-year-old Port Richey woman contacted emergency personnel, including Pasco Fire Rescue, about a possible dangerous situation.

The woman “advised she is trying to get pregnant by artificial insemination … and was trying to store the sperm as per the directions. She stated she placed two small vials of sperm inside a 2-quart stainless steel thermos, added dry ice, and closed the lid without removing the rubber O-ring as the directions required.”

The deputy advised Fire-Rescue personnel ” … of the potential for an explosion due to increasing pressure inside the device.”

Fire-Rescue personnel carried the container outside to a safe location and used a pair of channel lock pliers to remove the thermos lid, releasing the pressure and removing the danger. The container was given back to the woman without incident.

The description of the semen bomb incident was posted to the sheriff’s office Facebook page with a stock photo showing a reaction to the semen bomb.

Now, Felicia Nevins is blaming Pasco County Sheriff’s Office for exposing her to both the public and her family. She says that she ‘feels ashamed and embarrassed,’ and she wants the Facebook post to be removed. Of course, there’s no mention of removing the news articles which resulted from her speaking to reporters.

Removing the Facebook post is unlikely to accomplish anything, because the Sheriff’s Office never identified her in the Facebook post. The news media found the details through a public records requests of reports, and then Nevins outed herself to the media. However, Felicia Nevins is still blaming the Facebook post. Sheriff Chris Nocco isn’t planning on removing it.

“We attempt to show every day what our officers see in calls and we are a very open agency about the types of calls we see each day,” Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said in a statement. “This was a very unique call faced by our officers as well as Pasco fire fighters … make no mistake, this was a potentially dangerous situation … we are grateful that no damage was done.”

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