$2.5 Million RV Has Its Own Helicopter, But That’s Just Scratching The Surface [PHOTOS]

 $2.5 Million RV Has Its Own Helicopter, But That’s Just Scratching The Surface [PHOTOS]

A recreational vehicle (RV) is, in North America, the usual term for a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and amenities found in a home.

Most of us wouldn’t mind having an RV so we could tool around the country and go wherever you want, whenever you want. That wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. The reason that most of us don’t have them is, first and foremost, they are very expensive. Well, you used to think they were expensive. When you take a look at the beautiful Elysium RV you’ll not only be amazed, but you’ll want one too! However, you’ll find out what a truly expensive RV actually is.

This baby is worth around $2.5 million and by the looks of it, it’s worth every penny. It comes with its own helicopter! How’s that for a package deal? The two-seat Robison R22 not only comes with the eight foot wide RV, it can be parked right on the roof!

Furrion created this beautiful 45- foot-long vehicle and they left nothing out. It has beautiful couches, large screen televisions, a shower that doubles as a steam room, and it has a complete kitchen including a sink, top notch stove and fridge.

Before you start looking online to find an order form for it though, you should know that it’s not for sale. Furrion says that it’s a concept vehicle that will not be for sale. Now that’s a tease!

The Elysium RV is nothing like you’ve ever seen. It is 45 feet long and is the most amazing RV ever made.

On nice days or evenings the roof is a perfect place to be. It has a large hot tub and…

A beautiful wooden deck with a very comfortable lounging area. It also has a top of the line audio system as well as a helicopter landing pad.

This thing is just amazing. The RV is furnished better than most people’s apartments and that’s no exaggeration.

Looking to the front you can see it has everything you would need. Couch and large television, sink and of course an oven and a fridge.

Check out the dashboard on this baby! Everything runs at the touch of a button. That’s pretty awesome!

When your shower doubles as a steam room you know you have something special there. This is a standard feature in the vehicle. Yes, it comes with it.

It’s always a pain when you can’t find somewhere to land your Robison R22 chopper, isn’t it? Not only can you land it on this RV, the helicopter comes with it when you buy it!

The exterior looks like it might be something from outer space. It has a very sleek look though and there aren’t many people that wouldn’t want this in their driveway!



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