Parents Finally Open Up About Their Daughter’s Heartbreaking Suicide Note


The parents of a popular University of Pennsylvania track star who took her life last January have shared her tragic suicide note.
Madison Holleran, 19, shocked her friends and family when she jumped to her death from a parking garage in Philadelphia on January 17, 2014., leaving behind a note and gifts for members of her family.
The situation was particularly stunning, as she had always been known for being happy-go-lucky.




The young woman, who was popular and played on the school’s track and field team, apologized in the brief suicide note she left behind, telling her family members that she loved them.


“I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out, and I thought how it is worse perhaps to be locked in,” she wrote in the note. “For you mom…the necklaces…For you, Nana & Papa…GingerSnaps (always reminds me of you)…For you Ingrid…The Happiness Project. And Dad…the Godiva chocolate truffles. I love you all…I’m sorry. I love you.”


The items referenced in the letter were left behind for her loved ones and the quote, about being “locked out,” comes from the words of British author Virginia Woolf, who also took her life in 1941.


Her parents, Jim and Stacy Holleran, have subsequently launched the Madison Holleran Foundation in an effort to help high school and college students who suffer from depression, the Daily Mail reported.


Source: Daily Mail

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