Officers Find A Scared, Lost Hamster, Decide To Honor Him In A Way No Hamster Has Been Honored Before

An adorable hamster found by a police officer became a member of the police force.

Police officers often get calls about lost cats and dogs, but sometimes, a call comes in about a more unusual pet. Then, the police have to make an on-the-spot decision about what to do with the animal. That’s just what happened in Berlin when the police received a call about a little hamster.

The hamster was spotted outside a local hospital. Patients saw the hamster cowering in the bushes, and they were worried that he wouldn’t survive on his own. They called the police’s emergency line, and a patrol officer hurried over.

“A police patrol found [the hamster] and named him spontaneously Sir Henry,” a spokesperson for the Berlin Police told The Dodo. “They put him in an empty box (usually made for clinic-gloves) and took him to the police station.”

The adorable hamster was a hit at the police station. The police officers made Sir Henry a comfy hay bed. They also gave him a tour of the police station and showed him all of their equipment.

After Sir Henry had a chance to rest, the police called an animal rescue service that they knew would take good care of the hamster. But then, the police officers decided that they didn’t want to part with their little friend. So they officially adopted him, and they gave him a permanent home in their station.

The Berlin Police shared Sir Henry’s story on Twitter, and everyone loved the police’s cute hamster recruit. Someone even drew a picture of Sir Henry in a little uniform!

Sir Henry has found a wonderful home with lots of people who care about him. This hamster is going to have a great life solving crimes and hanging with his new family.

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