• June 24, 2024

New Poll REVEALS How Many People Think Biden Botched Afghanistan!

 New Poll REVEALS How Many People Think Biden Botched Afghanistan!

If this is the defining moment of the Biden Administration, then not only is he in big trouble, but the whole entire country is in trouble. You see, we have the United States and the rest of the world witnessing the swift fall of the Taliban because of our country’s decision to withdraw. However, there was a recent poll that uncovered the fact that it isn’t just political experts that are disappointed at this turn of events. Apparently, a significant majority of likely voters are disappointed in the way that President Biden handled these U.S. military operations in Afghanistan.

The Trafalgar Group performed the survey in conjunction with the Convention of States Action, and they found that as many as 59.5% of the poll respondents strongly disapproved of President Biden’s handling of the military operations in Afghanistan. 9.8% of poll respondents just merely disapprove, while 12.4% approve, 10.7% strongly approve, and 7.5% had no opinion. This means that a combined 69.3% of poll respondents disapprove of Biden’s handling of this pull-out in Afghanistan.

To no one’s surprise, this Democratic president did not score high marks among Republicans, where a whopping 80% strongly disapproved of the job he did with the Afghan troop withdrawal.

However, the big shock is that Biden really didn’t do that well with DEMOCRATS. That’s right. Members of his own party gave him a mark of 36.9% where they strongly disapproved and 11.3% where they simply disapproved. There were just 16.9% of Democrats who strongly approved and 22.9% who approved. Those are some rough poll numbers for this president, that is for sure.
They conducted this poll on Aug. 14-15, it had 1084 respondents, and it had a margin of error of 2.98%.

“Of the 10.7% of people who said ‘strongly approve,’ 13.3% are GOP, 24.8% are NO PARTY/OTHER, and 61.9% are DEMOCRAT,” Chief pollster of the Trafalgar Group Robert C. Cahaly tweeted. “For perspective only 4% of all Republicans, 10.6% of all No party, and 16.9% of all Democrats answered ‘strongly approve.'”

“Biden is trying to distract and imply his option was to either send more troops or end a war. That wasn’t the case. It has always been about protecting America. This exit from Afghanistan and the way it was done was pathetic. He gave the terrorists a win and he knows it,” former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley furiously tweeted this Monday.

Indiana GOP senator Mike Braun said he felt that it was “disgraceful that we’re leaving in an embarrassing way like this, reminiscent of what happened in Vietnam,” saying that the Biden administration has “botched” the withdrawal and that he hopes this administration is held accountable.

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