Report Reveals They Knew The Side Effects Well Over A Year Ago!

If you log onto any social media site and post about COVID or the vaccine your post is immediately slapped with a warning. You are not allowed to question, discuss or even poke fun at any of it without having your post given a warning and a link to the COVID page of “truth” from the CDC.

Though when on that page it just pretty much grazes over any sort of complications that could happen from the vaccine and gives a false sense of security.

Now, imagine if you went to the doctor and they prescribed you medication you have never tried before, I am pretty sure you would have some questions, right?

What will this do? What can I expect and so forth.

However, while the doctor might not tell you everything that could potentially happen you sure as heck have a sheet as long as your arm with all the potential side effects when you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy.

If you saw on your prescription warning potential side effects such as:

Blood clots.




Pregnancy issues.


You may take a little bit more time to think more before taking them, right?

However, that is not happening with the vaccine. People are not aware of the potential risk they are assuming when jabbing up, but what makes it worse is that medication regulators did and still promoted this drug.

Here’s a snapshot of the side effects these regulators knew about.

*Source – The Daily Expose*

The Daily Expose shared more details:

All of the clotting and coagulation.  All of the heart damage.  All of the female reproductive issues. All of the people suffering heart attacks and strokes and people sadly dying. All of it was predicted by the medicine regulators before the jabs were even rolled out.

Even the multi-symptom inflammatory syndrome in children was predicted and it is a brand new disease where children have symptoms resembling toxic shock syndrome or Kawasaki disease, in which the coronary arteries enlarge or form aneurysms. Also common are heart inflammation with impaired heart function and low blood pressure, rash or red eyes, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Which is why we can be certain that vaccine enhanced disease also known as antibody-dependent enhancement is occurring and will occur, because the health regulators have predicted it will do so. This is precisely why Public Health England data shows that the double vaccinated have at least a 338% higher chance of death if infected with Covid-19.

The latest PHE report shows that up to the 15th August 2021 the fully vaccinated population had suffered a total of 679 deaths. This equates to 0.9% of all confirmed infections among the fully vaccinated population. Whereas the unvaccinated population had suffered just 390 deaths equating to just 0.2% of all confirmed infections.

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