Neighbor Rescues A ‘Bag Of Bones’ Dog That Was ‘Left To Rot’ [VIDEO]

A shocking video has surfaced online where two men-in-uniform can be seen leading away, what appears to be an American bulldog, on a leash. The dog who is nothing more than a bag of bones was rescued after it was locked in a house without food or water for three weeks.

Katie Dunkely, 21, had become worried about the dog which was living near her home in Barry, South Wales,

Eventually, she let herself into the house’s back door at around 4pm on Saturday.

Inside she found a female dog which was ‘extremely aggressive’ due to its living conditions and the male dog which was nothing more than a ‘bag of bones’.

Miss Dunkely also claimed a small dog or cat had died and was taken away by a dog handler, but its condition was so bad she couldn’t tell what it was.

The young woman later fed the male dog, who had badly overgrown nails and cuts on its face, to her home.

She called the police and RSPCA who arrived and took the two animals away.

The footage shows the female dog being carried away in a cage, while the male dog is led away.

Miss Dunkely, a dog-lover herself, said: ‘I am absolutely gobsmacked from what I witnessed today. These poor dogs have been rotting away in a house for the past few weeks. Absolutely disgusting.’

The woman even plans on adopting the American bulldog, which is similar to her dog Bella.

She said: ‘I’ve applied to adopt this lovely boy once he is available to rehome.

‘I hope that he pulls through as he’s a lovely natured boy who wanted nothing but love. The police instantly named him as a pitbull which was corrected by myself to be an American bulldog, the same as my Bella.

‘Fingers crossed we will have a new addition to the family once everything has been settled and sorted, if not I hope he has an amazing life and a new family who will dote on him and adore him as he deserves.’

Sources:  Daily Mail

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