My Opinion About Models Showering Outdoors Was Incorrect – My Apologies [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

A writer apologizes for not believing models who shower outdoors are sexy.  He is now apologizing, stating that he was wrong and that there is something pleasing about seeing a nearly nude super model getting wet.

I’d like to offer my formal apologies to all the models around the world that I criticized for showering outdoors.

I didn’t do too much criticizing in my writings, but in conversations among friends and colleagues I often disparaged these models’ pictures of themselves showering outdoors. I assumed these photos were nothing more than a cheap ploy for attention. Who the hell would voluntarily choose to shower outdoors when there are perfectly good showers inside? It made less than zero sense to me, and yet, it was a sensation sweeping across Instagram.

 Well, I’m here to tell the world I was wrong, and not just wrong a little bit. No, I was entirely wrong. I have had some wrong opinions in the past, but this might be the worst one I’ve ever had.

The house I was staying at on vacation a few days ago had an outdoor shower, and I instantly made it clear I had zero intentions of ever stepping one foot inside of it. However, after some convincing arguments from my group I decided to give it a shot.

Let me just say this about the experience: I never want to shower indoors again. There is just something majestic about being in the wilderness while showering. The lingering fear that a wild animal could attack me at any moment made it so exciting.

So, ladies please accept my sincerest apologies for the harsh things I said about what is commonly referred to as “Outdoor Shower Season.”

H/T The Daily Caller


#TBT: This @kateupton shower scene is the sexiest thing you’ll see today.

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