Motorcycle Passenger Goes For an Unexpected Ride [VIDEO]

An impatient motorcyclist sent his passenger on an unexpected ride.  The driver was careening in and out of traffic and entered the far right lane, where a truck had broken down and he hit it at a very high rate of speed.  The result was a horrifying flight for the passenger.

This is the shocking moment a motorcycle pillion passenger was flung high into the air when the bike he was travelling on smashed into a stationary car on a motorway.

Video footage shows the devastating moment of impact when the bike’s passenger is thrown over the car before making a sickening landing on the motorway surface.

The horrifying crash happened on the Seletar Expressway in Singapore.

Footage shows the motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic and the overtaking as it tries to get past another slower moving car.

But as the rider switches lanes he fails to spot the stationary car in the outside lane. It is believed the car had broken down.

The rider smashes into the rear of the car as his passenger is sent flying over the roof before landing at least 20 metres (65 feet) further along the motorway.

Emergency services were called and police attended the scene.

The 24-year-old motorcyclist and the 21-year-old pillion rider were taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Both had leg injuries and are believed to still be under hospital care.

Motorist Manster Wirman captured the entire incident on his dash cam. After the video was uploaded online it was quickly shared thousands of times.

H/T The Mail Online

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