What Happens When a Bus Driver Decides a Red Light is Merely a Suggestion? [VIDEO]

I realize that government sets out a lot of rules and regulations and many of them are wasteful and or are not necessary.  However, some government rules should be followed to a tee.  For instance, the law that you stop for red traffic lights.  In the video at the bottom of the page you will find a perfect example of what happens if you don’t follow the rule.

 This is the shocking moment a bus drives over a group of motorcyclists waiting patiently at a red light in Singapore.

Before the lights turn green, the bus driver inexplicably decides to pull away, driving into the group of three bikers parked in front of his passenger vehicle who had no chance to steer clear.

The driver knocks them all off their bikes, then drives around their scattered vehicles.

The bus speeds away from the scene as shocked onlookers run to help.

The bus driver was suspended following the incident in Pasir Panjang, in the residential area of Queenstown, Central Region, Singapore last week.

According to local media, two bikers and one pillion passenger were taken to the National University Hospital.

They were all male and were aged between 23 and 39, police confirmed.

Police are investigating the incident as the bus company, SBS Transit, claimed the victims’ wellbeing was their main priority.

A spokesperson said: ‘Our priority is the well-being of the two injured motorcyclists and a pillion rider.

‘We were at the hospital that day following the incident and all three of them received outpatient treatment.

‘We will continue to render assistance to them as best we can.

‘We apologise to affected commuters and road users for the distress caused.

‘Meanwhile, we are assisting the police with their investigations and the bus captain has been suspended pending findings.’

H/T The Mail Online

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