Man Saves Goose And Releases Her. Then She Flies Back And Refuses To Leave [VIDEO]

One day, Mike Jivanjee was just going for a ride in his boat when he noticed that there was a lonely animal stuck in the water and urgently needed help. It turned out to be a duckling and it was almost drowning to death. Furthermore, there were lots of speeding boats that could’ve hit the baby duck out of nowhere. b62ee02b-528f-4284-9f5c-7050623d1a26

Without hesitation, Mike grabbed a towel nearby and did everything he could to rescue the adorable duckling. He also tried to find the goose’s family. Unfortunately, the mother goose didn’t want anything to do with the little goose and was rejected.

That’s when Mike decided to take her in and he promised himself that he’d take care of her until she was an adult and could take care of herself. Although the duckling is female, he funnily enough still named her ‘Kyle’.


After Kyle was fully grown, Mike did his best to try and release her back into the wild. That didn’t really work out, as Kyle saw Mike as her ‘mother goose’ and didn’t want to go away. Mike even traveled a good five miles to let her take her own path in nature, but the goose flew back to him anyway.

“When I got back home she was already there hanging out on the boat. Turns out geese have built-in GPS that’s better than your iPhone.” Mike told in an interview with Metro.

Mike realized that Kyle didn’t want to leave him, so he decided to treat her as his pet. The two have been inseparable ever since, and often go on trips on the boat and even go shopping and have meals together. To make things even more hilarious, Mike mentions that Kyle behaves as a human being.

“Kyle loves all shows on the Discovery Channel. She’s also a huge fan of the Ellen Show and Animal Planet. Kyle also loves to go paddle and hang out inside neighbors’ houses when they go on vacation,” he said. “She does not identify as a goose so she constantly wants to be with people.”

Kyle the Goose is now famous on Instagram with over 76,000 followers and can count on the love of his ‘mother goose’ Mike.

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