• June 15, 2024

Man Bought An Old Dresser, Then He Found A Secret Drawer And His Jaw Drops [VIDEO]

 Man Bought An Old Dresser, Then He Found A Secret Drawer And His Jaw Drops [VIDEO]

Some people choose to buy from thrift stores or yard sales just to save money. Others opt to do this rather than purchase new items from stores simply because older objects hold more mystery and beauty in them. Luckily for a few people, the pre-owned things they buy are more than what they bargained for.

A 67-year-old man named Emil Knodell recently bought an old dresser at a yard sale in Bellville, Texas. He immediately noticed the chest for its beautiful marble top and wood finish. When the seller told him it was nearly 125 years old, Emil knew it was a steal.

Not only that, but the seller marked it down to $100 since it was on its third day without a home. Emil bought it on the spot! Little did he know he was about to get way more than he bargained for…

While tipping the dresser on its side, Emil and his friend heard jingling around inside one of the drawers. While all of the drawers were empty, they ended up discovering a secret compartment at the very bottom filled with jewelry, diamonds, cash, and old Civil War memorabilia!

Emil didn’t have the treasure trove appraised, but the components of the secret drawer could easily be worth a hefty sum.

Here’s the kicker: Instead of cashing it all in, Emil did something amazing. Something many people wouldn’t dream of. He called the seller back and has asked to return the treasure chest! Talk about a man with integrity.

The man who ran the estate sale said the dresser originally belonged to his grandparents, and he had no idea there was a secret drawer. However, it looks as though he was meant to find out about it all along.

Sources: So Share This

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