Little Boy Was Turning Into Stone When A Surprise Celebrity Showed Up To Help


Every new parent wants their child to be happy. Besides the joy that comes from finally meeting their newborn baby, there can also be a sense of relief learning that their youngster is healthy, too.

That’s likely how Ramesh Kumariâs mother felt when she held her seemingly healthy baby boy shortly after giving birth. Yet it soon became clear that something terrible was happening to him.

What followed was about as horrifying as any medical condition can be for a parent. Yet a miracle would soon come in an unexpected form.

When 11-year-old Ramesh Kumari was born in his native Nepal, he initially looked like just about any other healthy baby. Yet from the time that he was just 15 days old, something strange and horrifying started to happen to his body and it didn’t stop even as he grew older.

Hardened black scales began to grow on top of young Ramesh skin. His mother, quite understandably, was completely terrified. Can you imagine finding out that such a thing was happening to your own child?

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