Liberal Judge Suffers Consequences After Allegations Of Pill-Popping, Sexting and Prostitution [WATCH]

The Texas Supreme Court has suspended a Houston judge after being caught by her bailiff sexting, using illegal drugs, and even trading sex while on the bench.

Texas judge Hilary H. Green was suspended from the bench On Friday for abusing her judicial power. A court filing found that Green had a sexual relationship with her bailiff, an illegal drug problem, and had given her friends light sentences. The mother-of-one has since admitted to the drug abuse but brushes it off and downplays the situation.

Green allegedly admitted to the Commission that she used Ecstasy and marijuana with a boyfriend. However, she said she added that she stopped ‘misusing’ cough syrup three years ago and that it never impacted her work life. She also said she traded sexts with a bailiff in her court. [Source: Daily Mail]

Green claims that the drugs had no impact on her work or the decisions she made in the courtroom, but it sure does seem a bit biased to be judging drug cases while using drugs.

Her ex-husband, who was a former city councilman, and her ex-boyfriend were all sources of complaints surrounding Green’s character. The former boyfriend provided details on their drug use together, even admitting to where and when Green used and obtained her drugs. He also alleged that she paid call girls for three-way sex between the former couple, and the romps occurred while she was out of town attending a judicial conference.

It appears that all the drugs altered Green’s mind to such an extent that she forgot the oath she took when she was sworn in as a judge. She even allowed unethical rulings to her own friends, so now the cases may have to be re-addressed, all because Green did not do her job correctly the first time.

The commission received complaints alleging that Green unethically ruled in eviction matters to help a five-time convicted felon. Green lied about her relationship with that ex-neighbor, a contractor who also renovated Green’s home, in responses she provided under oath to the commission, according to the agency’s supreme court filings.

The commission’s next move will be a trial to decide whether Green should be permanently removed from her position. It is Texas law that another judge will be appointed to hear her cases and to look over the evidence until a three-judge panel can make the final decision on her case.

It’s a bit surprising that no other legal action has been taken following Green’s high court suspension. Hilary Green broke the law and her oath, and now, she must pay the price. Of course, she has hired an attorney, but she is on the bench to serve the people who voted for her, and right now, she is letting them down. She needs to do her time for the crimes that she has committed and stop abusing the law on the taxpayer’s dime.

Article Sources: Mad World News, Mad World News/Facebook Photo Credit: Mad World News Video Credit: Basketball/YouTube

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