• June 25, 2024

Mo Reed School Board Candidate Praises Domestic Terror Group BLM

 Mo Reed School Board Candidate Praises Domestic Terror Group BLM

Moe Reed was running for the school board in New Orleans but was caught up in controversy as his social media posts were so blatantly anti-cop and pro cop murderer that he has been forced out of the school board election.  He claims it’s because of his family and not his tweets supporting man who killed five cops in Dallas last year.

 Orleans Parish School Board candidate Moe Reed Jr. has been making a lot of posts on social media which appear to endorse the murder of police officers. However, after Reed signed up to run for the school board position, he now claims that he doesn’t advocate violence against law enforcement.

In one post, Reed shared an article of the Dallas Black Lives Matter Terrorist attack which killed five officers. “RIP YOUNG SOLDIER. It’s a shame but sometimes you have to fight evil with evil. #MICAHX”

In another post Moe Reed wrote, “Can we shoot police when they walk up to our cars now and say we feared for our lives?”

“Peaceful protest have been ignored for decades. Officers need to be trained differently. Which do you think has them thinking now? burning buildings or police dying? Don’t call me insensitive because my people have been dying for over 400 years.”

Moe Reed has now locked down the privacy settings on his Facebook page, but one friend took pictures and sent them to the media.

According to NOLA, Reed said he was “not apologizing for my statement,” but “I apologize if I offended anyone.”

Moe Reed Jr.’s statements are indefensible and wrong. He has no business being on a school board. Although, we’re sure that these statements are unlikely to hurt his primary business of being a defense attorney. Maybe he needs to spend less time hanging around criminals all day.

H/T Blue Lives Matter

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