We,  as Americans,  have made history.  There has never been another election as we have just experienced.  There may never be another.

Be proud to have been a part of ‘Making America Great Again’.

Trump will be sworn in on January 20th and that will be another historic day.  Are you ready?  I am!

This may not be a landslide but it is a win for the highest office in the land.  Trump will be cleaning up America.  He’ll be doing a lot of sweeping but the kind that comes with a broom to sweep up what is left for him.

We must,  as Americans,  keep this in mind.   The FBI has made their statement that nothing will be done as before to Hillary Clinton.

They don’t realize what they did or did they?   They did us a favor and they left it as is.  Obama could issue a pardon and kill it, if they would have issued a statement with charges.

Obama could have issued a pardon to both Hillary and Bill Clinton.   Now,  we have nothing,  which means we have everything.   This is done but never closed.  A pardon kills it flat out. 39

No charge gives Obama nothing to pardon therefore,  with the Trump win,  we can reopen and we can charge without a pardon from Obama.

I think this is great.  He just took the card out of Obama’s hand.


Now the ‘TRUMP CARD’ comes into play.  Hold on America,  ‘We the People’ have taken back our country!

God bless America,  land of the free and home of the brave.

Daveda Gruber

Hello, I ham an author of over 17 books. I say 'over' because I wrote 17 by myself but have also contributed to many more books for charity. I enjoy writing about politics, so, I write articles. I can be found easily on the Internet. There is always more about me on my personal website I produced videos on Youtube and have my own channel under my name. I own and I also do graphic art design. Politics is my real passion, though. I enjoy research and putting my own flare on some subjects.

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