Kansas Prosecuting Illegal Immigrant For Voter Fraud, The Non-Existent Kind

 Kansas Prosecuting Illegal Immigrant For Voter Fraud, The Non-Existent Kind


The Kansas Secretary of State officially charged a “non-citizen” for voting illegally, according to a Thursday report from Talking Points Memo.

Republican Kris Kobach announced Wednesday he charged Victor David Garcia Bebek of Peru with three misdemeanor counts of voting unlawfully from 2012 through 2014. Bebek pleaded guilty to the charges. (READ: Mexican Woman Gets 8 Years In Prison For 10 YEARS Of Voter Fraud In Texas)

“The problem of non-citizens voting is a serious one, both in Kansas and nationally,” Kobach said in the news release. “Every time a non-citizen votes, it cancels out the vote of a United States citizen.” (READ: VOTER FRAUD: Hundreds Of ‘NON-CITIZENS’ Registered To Vote In Ohio)

A Kansas investigation revealed that at least 30 cases of non-citizens registering to vote existed from 2003 through 2013. The state was able to prove three cases in which the individual in question actually voted during a federal election. (READ: Yet Another Illegal Immigrant Is Charged With Voter Fraud)

Bebek signed a plea deal that includes a $5,000 fine and three years of “unsupervised” probation. (READ: It Is Naive And DOWNRIGHT STUPID To Think Illegal Aliens Aren’t Voting – By The MILLIONS)

President Donald Trump repeatedly asserted that there was rampant voter fraud during the 2016 election, a claim quickly dispatched by Democrats as false.

Although there is no evidence that millions of votes were cast illegally, there were several pockets of very questionable irregularities, like in Florida’s Palm Beach County, where a sheriff’s candidate allegedly ordered and filled out absentee ballots for residents. (READ: Scarborough’s Voter Fraud Rant Lights Up MSNBC: “It May Get Me Fired But…”)



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