Scarborough’s Voter Fraud Rant Lights Up MSNBC: “It May Get Me Fired But…”

Joe Scarborough took a shot at White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller on Monday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe.”

On Sunday, Miller repeatedly told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about rampant voter fraud taking place during the 2016 election, a claim the MSNBC host sarcastically applied to Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.

“One other insight here,” Scarborough said to close out the show. “It may get me fired, but I’m going to tell the truth.”

“I like Stephen Miller,” he continued. “I’m concerned about people bussing voters in.”

“I think there were voters bussed in from Canada to vote for Adele, right? That’s the only reason Beyonce would not have won in what was a remarkable year.”


E. Goldstein

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