• June 15, 2024

Jennifer Lopez Takes It All Off in New Music Video [VIDEO]

 Jennifer Lopez Takes It All Off in New Music Video [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez is determined to prove she still has what it takes in a music video in which she wears a variety of skin bearing outfits and in one sequence her body is only strategically covered by a leaf.

Jennifer Lopez strips down to nothing using only palm fronds to cover herself in her new Spanish-language music video out Tuesday.

In the four-minute video posted on YouTube, the 47-year-old singer wears a variety of skin baring outfits including one piece made up of rope and another where she bares all for the single titled, “Ni Tú Ni Yo.”

 Throughout the video shot like a behind-the-scenes clip, Lopez proves she hasn’t aged one bit posing in very revealing outfits.

In one shot, the singer posed wearing the same black, gold and silver gown that she wore for her July 4 celebration on NBC shot in New York City. The dress had leg slits on both sides that went all the way up past her waist. It was very daring to say the least.

The video was shot in the tropical location of Isla Morada, Florida and is breathtaking as Lopez posed on the beach for the shoot.

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