• May 18, 2024

Jennifer Aniston’s First Instagram Post Causes Stir, As Fans Claim An Illegal Substance Is ‘Clearly Visible’

 Jennifer Aniston’s First Instagram Post Causes Stir, As Fans Claim An Illegal Substance Is ‘Clearly Visible’

It’s been all over the news when Jennifer Aniston had recently joined Instagram and breaking a Guinness World Record completely on her own, hitting the one million mark in barely five and sixteen minutes and became the fastest Instagram user to reach the count.

Since then onwards, she has currently amassed around 12 million Instagram followers, with her fans lovingly and cheerfully cheering her on every comment, except that some have also pointed out a few things in regards to the image, shocking the public of the allegations and with fans speculating about what is seen on the photo.

The photo could be seen Jennifer along with her previous co-stars from the comedy Friends, but many fans are certain that they see more than what meets the eye. On top of the blurry image, many have theorized that the blurry white substance above the iPhone on the image might have been cocaine. Although it seems rather unlikely, many are certain of their opinions regarding the matter.

One user said,“The lines of coke on top of the iphone in Jennifer Aniston’s first Instagram picture is one hell of a way to make your social media debut.”

“i only bought aveeno because jennifer aniston is their spokeswoman, and yes before you ask, if jen aniston was a spokes person for cocaine i would infact buy it.”

Another said, “We just gonna ignore the cocaine on the phone then? Jennifer Aniston moving mad.”

Yet another pointed out, “Jennifer aniston joined instagram with a reunion picture of the friends cast but forgot to edit out the cocaine in the picture this is the best day of my life”

Although there had been no official statement in regards to the white image in the picture, many fans as well as her representatives have defended Jennifer’s image and saying that the mysterious white blur had only been “a reflection of an overhead light fixture.”

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