Islamic Radical Storms A Church Shouting ‘Allah Is Great’ As He ‘Tries To Assault The Priest’ [VIDEO]

A Morrocan national had burst into a wedding at an ancient church in northwest Spain sparking fear to those attending the wedding.

The 22-year old man, who has not been named, was filmed charging at the altar during a wedding ceremony at the Church of San Pablo, in Valladolid, on Saturday, screaming the Jihadi war cry “Allahu Akbar”. He managed his way to the front of the church where he attempted to attack the priest and those around the altar.

Members of the wedding party tumbled down the stairs to the altar as they tried to grab the man. He was eventually chased down at the corner where he was held until police arrived.

The wedding ceremony was stopped for 20 minutes until police arrested the man, who is now in custody.

The church was searched by police after the incident for any potential bombs or weapons but was swiftly given the all clear for the ceremony to continue.

Authorities said that the man was unarmed during the time of the incident but managed to cause a little damage at the ancient church.

The priest, who was officiating the ceremony at the time, said there was panic and fear among the wedding party when the man entered.

“A lot of people, including the bride’s mother, were crying, and there were people who had already jumped out of the pews because we did not know whether this person came alone or not, or if he was armed,” the priest said.

The Morroccan man, who is a legal resident of Spain on a student visa, has been accused of disturbing public order, threats and crime against religious feelings. It was also reported that he has a history of disorderly conduct, according to authorities.


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