Is Nina Agdal in a Bikini the Hottest Thing on the Net? [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

By all accounts, Nina Agdal is a beautiful woman with a face like Aphrodite and a body that would put any brick s*#thouse to shame.  Well, one possible exception is Shia LaBeouf, who was recently caught making out with a palm tree in downtown Hollywood.  Now take Nina Agdal and put her into a sexy bikini and the result isn’t fair to 98% of the women in America.

 Sports Illustrated might have started the biggest debate of Wednesday when they dropped a new Nina Agdal video.

SI released a video of Agdal prancing around on the beach in a tiny bikini while in the Seychelles, and it has people wondering if it’s the greatest thing on the internet today.

I’m not an expert on what wins the day when it comes to the internet, but I’m pretty sure Agdal in a revealing swimsuit is a quick way to draw viewers. (SLIDESHOW: 72 Times Sara Underwood Went Topless)

The video titled, “Nina Agdal Invites You To Come Play In The Seychelles,” will have people renewing their Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition issues at an alarming rate.

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