Indian Husband Granted Divorce Because Wife Wanted Too Much Sex

An unnamed Indian husband has been granted a divorce after telling a court that he was unable to sexually satisfy his wife who he claimed ‘wanted too much sex.’

Told the man in a Mumbai court: ‘I could no longer keep up with my wife’s excessive and insatiable desire for sex.’

He said that whenever he tried to resist her advances, she would abuse him so he would always end up succumbing to her persistent demands.

The man also alleges that his spouse gave him medication and forced him to drink alcohol in an effort to boost his sexual appetite.

He told the court that he worked three shifts leaving him exhausted, but his wife would still put unbearable pressure on him to fulfill her.

The woman allegedly even went to the extent of threatening her husband that if her demands were not satisfied, she would look elsewhere.

In December 2012, the man was hospitalised for a stomach ache and his wife chose to go her sister’s home, the court heard.

But just two weeks later the wife returned with her sexual demands just as strong as ever, even though doctors had advised the man to stay away from any physical relationship while he recovered.

The man alleged that his health deteriorated as he was unable to rest, such were his wife’s unremitting demands.

Things came to a head in October 2013 when the man was operated on for appendicitis whilst his wife still insisted that they have sexual relations, even whilst struggling to recover.

Despite begging her to visit a psychiatrist, the man said his spouse simply refused to take action and threatened him against revealing their marital issues.

The man insisted it was intolerable for him to bear any more atrocities and that he was afraid for his health should the marriage continue.

He said his wife has made his life intolerable with her ‘cruel behavior’ and her insatiable desire for sex made it impossible for them to live together under one roof.

The judge allowed the man’s petition and his divorce was granted. It would be noted that the wife declined  to turn up to during divorce proceedings. Can anyone guess why?

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