• June 19, 2024

HOLY COW! Huge Update On Georgia Election Audit

 HOLY COW! Huge Update On Georgia Election Audit

It seems as the time has been marching on that the overwhelming evidence of election fraud has been growing to the point that it cannot be ignored anymore.

Since the audits began months ago, in Arizona we all knew it was a matter of time before other states would start their own, and lo and behold it happened.

Now, Georgia is under the microscope, and rightly so.

For example, just recently, there were up to 100 batches of missing ballots in Fulton County, and that is not all.

Recent reports have uncovered that Atlanta has some MASSIVE election ‘discrepancies’ which proves yet again that what Raffensperger said before was completely false.

One source that wrote a scathing 29-page investigative report points to a whole slew of problems including one election worker’s promise to “f*ck s*it up”.

In a nutshell, Georgia didn’t have just custody issues, double-counted ballots, and insecure storage of ballots but also an election worker threatening to tamper with the election, and now this bombshell news conference.

Here are the latest election integrity developments:

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