Experimental COVID-19 Jab Pushers Have Been Spotted In Key State!

Here we go!

Joe Biden JUST announced his plan to have people go door-to-door and help “educate” people on the COVID vaccine that wants everyone to get. I mean if it is so great why are they trying to sell it so hard? I mean when did the government ever care about our health, right?

At any rate, these vaccines nazis are already being spotted and people are caving and sadly, rolling up their sleeves to receive the experimental jab.

Now footage from the vaccine pushers has been made available and these were spotted in North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County.

The vaccine pushers are targeting areas that have lower vaccinations rates and are attempting to diminish their vaccine hesitancy by bullying them at their homes.

And, as mentioned above, some of these people are have encountered these drug pushers who have received it right on their porch.

No doctor. No review of the possible complications. Just rolling up their sleeves and taking something they nothing about.

It is literally like a drug dealer rolling up to your house and telling you need his syringe full of whatever he has in it and you take it cause his pamphlet says it is good.

It is literally like that.

The vaccine pushers targeted minority communities since they tend to have more hesitancy towards these experimental jabs.

When we review history and events like the Tuskegee experiment, minority communities have a right to be hesitant of any medicine pushed by the government.

Here’s the latest:

Here’s the response these medical experiment pushers deserve:


WCNC-TV reported:

In Mecklenburg County, 49% of the population is partially vaccinated and 46% is fully vaccinated. The Health Department is hoping to get those numbers up with a new initiative called doses to doors.

Community outreach groups have been canvassing certain neighborhoods for a few months now, educating and encouraging people to get vaccinated. On Monday, health department workers armed with COVID-19 vaccines joined to make it easy and convenient to get a shot right at home.

“We get people that will say yes I’ll get the shot but the follow-up has always been the issue. Will they go? How can we get people to go out and go,” Robert Dawkins with Action NC said.

Action NC has knocked on 35,000 doors since May and health department officials say it has been a vital part in helping get more people vaccinated. Now, they are joining the efforts and staying close by with vaccines so they can offer the shots on demand.

“Now that the health department is actually coming out with us, we miss that middle step. Now, would you like to get a shot? Yes. We’ve got somebody right here on site,” Dawkins said.

In the first few hours of the new doses to doors program, 4 people in the Southside Homes off Tryon Street got vaccinated on their front porches.

“I haven’t been vaccinated yet because I didn’t have the convenience to get around to getting there,” a man who got the shot said. “It’s a little bit more flexibility for me now, I don’t have to worry about in the next 2 weeks who got the disease or who I may be around who has it.”

Dr. Meg Sullivan, Medical Director for Mecklenburg County, gave him his COVID-19 shot. Accessibility is still the main barrier to getting more people vaccinated. City and health leaders say this program helps to break that down.

“That eliminates any excuse. You don’t have to drive anywhere and sit in line, you don’t have to have a vehicle, you don’t have to have an Uber. They are right here,” former city councilwoman LaWana Mayfield said as she helped Action NC.

The county is primarily focused on neighborhoods with lower vaccination rates and communities that are hesitant but have also been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

So what would you say if any of them showed up on your door?


Sassy Liberty


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