Hey America, Allow Me To Introduce Your Future ‘Helpless Syrian Refugees’ [VIDEO]

We are constantly being told of how all of these refugees the Democratic Party wants to bring into America are helpless women and children. They make these statements based on emotion and completely ignore any logic that is presented.

They insist these refugees have nowhere else to go and completely ignore the fact that surrounding nations refuse to accept a single refugee, yet fail to ask themselves ‘why’ that is.

Europe threw caution to the wind and opened its doors to these so-called refugees and it has been disastrous. In doing so, they have opened Pandora’s box.

Here are a few examples of the barbaric acts carried out by refugees:

There is no vetting process good enough to determine whether ore not any of these so-called refugees have terrorist ties or have been radicalized themselves.

You cannot effectively conduct background checks on people who come from a region of the world that is not known for being civilized, but for being a hotbed of Islamic terrorism.

Here are a few more examples for you:

E. Goldstein

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