Muslim Refugees RIOT and Throw Away Food Served By Sympathetic Volunteers [VIDEO]

In the Northern France port city of Calais, compassionate French citizens are struggling to feed the thousands of refugees out-skirting the city’s center… and the ungrateful refugees are throwing away the food.

Volunteers are working exceedingly long hours preparing dishes from donated foods which are then dispersed to migrants living outside the city. Approximately 800 meals are being prepared by tireless residents daily.

Claudine, an elderly volunteer who works ten-hour shifts, says she is motivated by a sense of revulsion over what is happening in France and Italy. “The migrants are going hungry,” she says.

One migrant camp that is receiving meals is home to 1,500 illegals living in a forest. The camp’s squatters become so greedy that when volunteers arrive to distribute food they are often overtaken and forced back into their vans. Many of the migrants are unwilling to take only one meal and are found to be stockpiling meal boxes to either consume themselves or sell to weaker migrants for a profit.


E. Goldstein

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