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Heroic [VIDEO] Deputy Running Into Gunfire Rescuing Mom and Children

 Heroic [VIDEO] Deputy Running Into Gunfire Rescuing Mom and Children

[SCROLL FOR VIDEO] NEW BODY CAM  video shows a Florida sheriff’s deputy run toward gunfire to rescue a wounded mother and her three children.

Authorities say Emmanuel Rosado locked his wife and children inside their home because his wife was trying to leave him. He allegedly shot her. Deputies who responded to the scene overheard someone say “You’re going to die tonight!” from inside the home.

The Volusia Sheriff’s Office described the incident in a statement.

Based on statements from the victim as well as one of the children who witnessed the shooting, the investigation has concluded that the defendant shot his wife with a 9mm handgun. Immediately preceding the shooting, responding deputies reported hearing a man’s voice from inside the house proclaiming: “You’re going to die tonight!”

After getting shot, the victim managed to make her way out of the house. A deputy who spotted her crawling on the driveway of the residence by the garage door ran to her aid, pulled her off of the driveway and took her to the safety of a neighboring house.

Emmanuel Rosado has been charged with three counts of attempted 1st-degree murder for the shooting of his wife and for two deputies who came under fire during the incident.

In the body camera video, the wife can be heard screaming. The officer runs over to the woman, who is lying in the driveway. He drags her to the house next door and hides her by the front door of the home as she cries and tells him her children are still inside.

The deputy stands by the house, gun drawn. Soon, the officer saves three crying children. He takes the children to safety before returning to the house. Rosado eventually surrendered to authorities.

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