TOP GEAR Star Diverts Yacht To Rescue Tourists, Then Says “I’m Going To The Pub”

Jeremy Clarkson, the Marmite of British TV, has definitely done a good deed here, saving some lads floating out to sea on lilos.

In between punching TV crews, the Former Top Gear presenter enjoys nothing more than cruising around on his yacht.

During a trip to the Spanish island of Mallorca – stopping off at Magaluf we imagine – the presenter caught sight of a group of tourists who had drifted out to sea.

“They were all in their 20s and a mile out to sea. You’ll never paddle back from there,” the 56-year-old told The Sun.

Clarkson put the German and French tourist men into a rib, which was towed behind his yacht, before bringing them back to safe shores.

Immediately taking to Twitter to boast of his heroic adventure, he wrote: “I just saved the lives of two Germans.”

“Now I have rescued two French people. I apologised for Brexit,” he added.

Clarkson, who now works for Amazon Prime presenting his new series, The Grand Tour, then added how he was celebrating his success. He wrote: “I have now saved all the people who were being swept out to sea by a very brisk wind and am going to the pub.”


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