• July 23, 2024

Heroic Pup Saves Family From Gas Leak [VIDEO]

 Heroic Pup Saves Family From Gas Leak [VIDEO]

A man’s bestfriend indeed! This dog rescued a family from a possible tragedy.

The biggest challenge in rescuing abused animals is training them to trust humans again. After months or years of mistreatment and neglect at the hands of the very people who were meant to take care of them, makes dogs and cats realize, they are on their own.

Even after being removed from violent and neglectful environments, many canines are unable to get past their traumatic experiences. Consequently, this makes it nearly impossible for them to be adopted into a loving family.

Kailey is a German Shepherd mix. She is only two years old, but she was considered un-adoptable.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying after the DeKalb County Animal Services in Decatur, Georgia, removed her from her previous home.


Jacqueline Berlin and Keith Santer-Peham had Kailey with them for a year.

Still, no one could break through to Kailey.

“Her one issue was that something has happened to her in in her past so that if you try to touch her and she did not know you she would snap at you,” Berlin explains. “Because of her issue it was really hard to get her adopted.”

Time was of the essence.

Berlin reached out to the Facebook community.

She wanted to find Kailey’s forever family.

Suzy Chandler read the post and knew Kailey was meant to be with her family.

“We just thought we would be the perfect people for her. It was a perfect match,” Chandler says.

Chandler saved Kailey’s life but she had no idea this scared canine would return the favour.

One day the animal was acting strange, agitated.

She began to growl and bark. Chandler took Kailey outside but the dog refused.

She walked backed inside. Chandler realized Kailey was warning her of something.

Finally, she understood what Kailey was telling her. Chandler smelled natural gas.

She also heard a hissing sound from the apartment complex standing next to her house.

The complex had many families with children.

Chandler called 911 and all the families were immediately evacuated until it was safe to return.

Kailey saved everyone from a tragedy.

For Chandler, this just goes to prove there is no animal not worthy of adoption. “If you have the space, you have room in your heart to take in a needy animal, to love on them, I mean it comes back to you tenfold,” she admits.

Watch Kailey’s heroic rescue.



Source: www.lifebuzz.com

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