• May 18, 2024

Here’s The Baby Gift That’s Gone Viral Overnight On Facebook. People Are Lost For Words

 Here’s The Baby Gift That’s Gone Viral Overnight On Facebook. People Are Lost For Words

If there is one thing years of therapy have taught us, it is that the most important thing a parent can do for a child is ruin their emotional well being, and that the most important thing children do for their parents is significantly reduce their life expectancy through the proper application of stress.

Well, we just found the atomic bomb of baby shower gifts. Probably thought up by Freudian psychiatrists, this may well be the most creepy gift for new parents ever, and we can not wait to see what effect it has on children when they are old enough to understand. You have got to see this weird wooden box.

A company called MEITK has introduced a special wooden box designed specifically for new parents. The idea is to create a sort of reliquary of the child’s development.
The box has special slots for each one of baby’s teeth, as well as a spot for that first tuft of hair, and as a bonus, a space of distinction for their umbilical cord.


now, you too can easily store your growing child’s body parts so that you can one day present them back to junior or missy. Or clone them.

Either way, we are sure your child will love knowing that as parts fall off of them, mom and dad will be there to scoop them up and properly catalogue them.

We wondered why they did not include a special vial for the amniotic fluid.

Spend With Pennies, a Facebook page, featured this wooden box last Thursday, and the reaction has divided the internet. While a few people seem to think that this sounds like a great gift for new parents, adult children of parents everywhere have decided “not so much.”


One person said “This screams creepy. If my mom pulled that out and gave this to me when I was older. I would seriously have to think about what else she kept. A toenail box?”

While others have lobbed terms like “unnecessary” and “creepy”.

Other comments include:

“Is there a little space for the foreskin too?”- Anon.

“This is as sick as people keeping ashes of the dead in vases on their mantels”- Lampam

“To each his own, but I can’t see the point of keeping all this junk. Pictures are one thing; body parts are something else.”- Curlylocks

“I am very glad my parents didn’t do this for me!”- LadyNLondon

“Years ago, I met a parent who made tiny little dentures out of her collection of her children’s teeth. She was seriously creepy.”- Childe

“Raises hoarding to a whole new level.”- Whyever Knot

“What happens when your child loses a tooth at school? You might never be able to complete your collection.”- Oldbiddy

“I find the practise of keeping body bits rather gross. Pictures of a child are a far better memory. Not a rotting umbilical cord or rotten teeth.”- Ritchie M

“Keep the umbilical cord? That’s disgusting! Everyone knows you eat it.”- MikeCroft

“This little box for teeth and hair is a bit like a coffin. It would remind you that one day your child is going to die and be put in a coffin and that you will be responsible for the death, because if you did not have your children then they could not die. So it is quite morbid.”- Scottish Kitty

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