Hailey Clauson Shows Love on the Beach Among Other Things [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

Hailey Clauson is a world class bikini model, who decided to enjoy a day at the beach with her boyfriend Jullien Herrera, who is also a model.    Naturally, she wore a small and revealing bikini to keep up appearances.

 She’s a world class bikini model.

And even on her days off, Hailey Clauson stuns in a two-piece as she was seen cavorting with her boyfriend Jullien Herrera in Miami on Saturday.

The 22-year-old beauty revealed her ample bosom and bountiful backside as she kissed and canoodled with her model boyfriend in the turquoise surf.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model showcased her flawless figure in a pale pink bikini that left little to the imagination.
She donned a pair of retro shades as Jullien sported a pair of neon pink shorts that revealed his muscular build.

Daring to impress, the young vixen made her way out of the ocean with her hands holding back her hair.
The two lovebirds were attached at the hips as they swam around in the surf.

They couldn’t get enough of each other as they held hands for most of the ocean expedition.

With her pert derriere taking center stage, Hailey planted a big kiss on Jullien.

Feeling the love in the air, Hailey wrapped herself around her man and puckered up with another kiss.

H/T The Mail Online

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