Girlfriend Sends Porn Star To Test Boyfriend, Plan Backfires In A MAJOR Way [VIDEO]

The woman thought was prepared for anything when she hired a porn star to test her boyfriend — but she wasn’t ready for what ultimately happened.

One woman hired porn star Valerie White to tempt away her man while the show, “To Catch A Cheater,” filmed the interaction, Mirror reports.

In the footage, one can see White attempt to flirt with the woman’s boyfriend. She doesn’t get very far, as he politely rejects her advances.

At one point, it looks like White might get somewhere when the man offers to help her as she looked “lost,” but it ends up just being a polite gesture.

When White pushes more aggressively to hang out with him, the man says he has a girlfriend. After accepting her number, he suggests all three go out together.

At that point, White insinuates they should all engage sexually, but the boyfriend leaves after asking why she was so into him.

Still, the girlfriend who hired the porn star had mixed feelings about her boyfriend’s response.

“Okay, okay. I’m not going to break up with him but I don’t like that he got her number and said he would hang out,” she said.

Unfortunately for the woman, the worst was yet to come.

Shortly afterward, she told her boyfriend it was a set-up.

Not only was he angry, he immediately broke up with her for so publicly revealing her distrust for him.

“Are you f***ing kidding me?” the girlfriend later said about the breakup. “That’s how he breaks up with me after a f***ing year?”

Yet others were not surprised.

“I’d have dumped her too,” commented one user on Mirror’s website. “She is going to be nothing but trouble for anyone who gets involved with her. Even my wife can’t stand what she did.”

“When you hook up with a woman like her, your in trouble country,” another person added. “This is the beat down starting already by her. If he stays with her, she will isolate him, oppress him, and basically steal his liberty.”

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