Female Israeli Soldiers is Hot in a Bikini or Her Tight Fitting Uniform [VIDEO and Photos]

Kim Mellibovsky is an Israeli soldier and an Instagram model with 20,000 fans.  Well, 20,001 now.  You know just how sexy she is when you see her in full uniform and you feel a tingling sensation.  And her bikini body ain’t bad either.

 A glamorous Israeli soldier has become a social media star after she started posting photos of herself posing in very skimpy bikinis.

Kim Mellibovsky has won legions of Instagram fans with her saucy snaps, which she shares alongside images of herself touting a gun in her very tight-fitting Israeli Defence Forces uniform.

Kim, who is believed to be 22, also shares pictures of herself dressed up for nights out with her friends and practising her pout in her bedroom.

The photos of Kim in her military uniform show her smiling in her sunglasses and taking part in shooting practice.

Military service is compulsory for many Jewish Israelis. Men must serve two years and eight months while women must serve two years.

Women’s roles had historically been confined to such positions as nurses or radio operators but this arrangement undergoing rapid change.

The military is thought to include more than 120,000 soldiers in mandatory service. This is an estimation since the army does not provide such figures.

H/T The Mail Online


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