Dianne Feinstein’s Delusional Comments On Trump Epitomize Democratic Party Lunacy

Sen. Dianne Feinstein argued that Congress’s job is to oppose President Donald Trump on “Fox News Sunday” early Sunday morning.

Feinstein serves as the ranking member on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and weighed in on Trump’s executive order that severely limits travel from certain Muslim-majority nations.

“The president is not a dictator,” Feinstein argued. “The framers of our Constitution wanted a strong Congress for the very reason that most of these kinds of things should be done within scope of lawmaking. This is done within scope of executive power.”

“I have no doubt that it will go to the Supreme Court and probably some judgment will be made whether this president has exceeded his authority or not,” she added.

A federal judge struck down the controversial decision last week, and an appeals court rejected the Trump administration’s appeal of the decision late Saturday.


E. Goldstein

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