• February 23, 2024

DOZENS Of Bank Branches Have Filed To Close In Just One Week…

 DOZENS Of Bank Branches Have Filed To Close In Just One Week…


In only one week this month, over 60 major bank branches filed to close, the most recent in an increasing trend of banks closing physical facilities.

ZeroHedge said that U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency data showed that 64 branches filed to close between November 12 and November 18.

The sixth-largest bank in the nation, PNC Bank, had the highest number of closures despite recent cost-cutting measures.

PNC filed to close 19 branches in eight states: Texas, Alabama, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and five in Pennsylvania. There are also four facilities in Illinois.

During PNC’s second-quarter earnings call, CEO William Demchak said the bank is “going to have to take a hard look” at where it can “generate savings … without cutting the potential for growth.”

PNC also announced last month that it was reducing its headcount by 4%. The bank plans to reduce spending by $725 million in the upcoming year, having already closed several branches this year.

The growth of online banking is one factor contributing to the closing of branches. Since more customers stayed at home and used their bank’s website or mobile app to conduct business, the number of bank locations closing during the pandemic more than doubled.

Approximately 7,500 bank branches, or 9% of all physical sites, closed between 2017 and 2021, according to a National Community Reinvestment Coalition analysis.

S&P data shows that 2,054 bank branches closed in total last year.

Closing physical bank branches may save banks money, but it has also resulted in areas where the nearest bank is far away or banking deserts for consumers. Numerous additional unexpected consequences could result from this, including a drop in small company loans and the loss of a commercial tenant and employer in the neighborhood.

Also, when there are fewer branches in the area, more people use “alternative financial services that open them to unregulated and predatory financial practices,” a report from the National Community Reinvestment Coalition said.

It is anticipated that PNC will do 60% of its banking operations online as a result of the closures.

During the week of November 12, JPMorgan Chase was the bank that filed the second-most branch closure requests. The bank filed to close 18 locations in 14 states, including Ohio, Connecticut, and New York.

Six of the eight locations that Citizens Bank filed to close are located in New York.

Three of U.S. Bank’s seven locations, including those in Tennessee, are set to close.

Five locations—two in New York, one each in Texas, Massachusetts, and California—are to close, according to a Bank of America filing.

Citibank made a request to close two locations.

A number of other banks, including Windsor Federal Savings & Loan Association, Bremer, First National Bank of Hughes Springs, Sterling, and Aroostook County Federal Savings & Loan Association, filed to close one branch each.





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