Despite Continued Attacks From Left, TRUMP TRAIN ROLLS ON

Despite the liberal media’s continuing attacks on President Trump, Conservatives continue to rack up victory after victory in local and state elections. Even in places like Omaha Nebraska, liberals just can’t seem to catch a break as they continue on their path of self-destruction.

Democrats are still trying to figure out just what happened after their “well thought out Battle Plan” when terribly wrong. Following the advice of state and national party officials, the local party decided to run an anti-Trump Democratic candidate for mayor who also had the support of socialist hero, Sen. Bernard Sanders in a city that heavily went for Hillary in 2016. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Mayors Office, they got creamed.


Instead of easily defeating the incumbent Republican Mayor, the Democrat Heath Mello, just 37, lost the Omaha mayor’s race on Tuesday in a race that was not even close. The Republican incumbent Jean Stothert made a strong showing even after Mello played the abortion card and attempted to energize his base by taking a position firmly in the shadow of socialist hero Bernie Sanders.

Dave Boomer spokesman for Republican Mayor, Jean Stothert told the media: It ginned up their base on the left, but it inflamed ours. You had Heath Mello saying he was pretty excited about Bernie Sanders coming,” Mr. Boomer said. “Well, there are a lot more conservatives in Omaha than socialists. And the guy is a socialist.”

Ms. Stothert, 63, easily won reelection by 53 to 47 percent in a race that was pitched by Democrats as a referendum on President Trump, who won red-state Nebraska but lost blue-tilting Omaha to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in November.

The race became the most recent focal point for progressives trying to find a victory in a supposed electorate that hates its duly elected President.  Mr. Mellowas endorsed by Our Revolution, the pro-Sanders political-action committee, and brought in the Vermont senator and Democratic National Committee chair Keith Ellison for an April rally in Omaha.

Even as Democrats slammed conservatives on issues like abortion, President trumps travel ban and conservative nominee to the Supreme Court, Mello continued to slip in the polls. They really stepped in it. We just sat by and got out the popcorn and watched it all unfold,” Mr. Boomer said. While we focused on municipal issues like potholes, public safety, taxes and a proposed streetcar project, Mr. Mello continued to play the Trump card until the end, blasting the president for the “travel ban” and Obamacare repeal. America needs a mayor who stands up to Trump,” said the Mello campaign in a May 4 press release.

After the primary, conservative candidates banded together including Mr. Royal who finished third in the race. He not only endorsed Ms. Stothert, he also cut a radio ad on her behalf, and appeared with her frequently on the campaign trail. We had him at all our events. At our wrap-up rally, he introduced her,” said Mr. Boomer. “We needed to solidify the conservatives, so Taylor Royal helped with that. But strangely enough, so did Bernie Sanders.”

R.L. Grimes

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