Today is a Sad Day for the Lovers of This Peanut Butter Brand

When you get as old as me you learn that the best things in your life are your memories once your health and finances limit your traveling.  For instance, I remember going home from school for lunch and my mom having grilled cheese sandwiches made with Velveeta and Campbell’s tomato soup and Jello gelatin with fruit inside.  Velveeta, Campbell’s and Jello are all safe, but for you peanut butter fans, your life could change as a long time favorite heads for Oblivion.  Hormel Brands have announced that they are shutting down Jiffy Peanut Butter for good.

The good news is it is only disappearing from Canada.

 You remember spreading it across toast in the morning or enjoy it in your sandwich that your mom packed you for lunch. Now those great childhood memories will be just that- memories.

Now, a beloved peanut butter brand has left grocery store shelves and we are feeling a bit of emptiness in our hearts.

People are running to their local grocery stores to grab the last few jars of this delightfully nutty spread before it’s been deemed fully extinct.

Now that the news has spread of Skippy’s departure from stores in Canada, fans of Skippy peanut butter are flocking to grocery stores to grab as many jars as they can of the crunchy and smooth pantry staple.

“I’m really mad at Skippy,” says Jim Hazzard in Alliston, Ont. He recently snagged a store’s last two jars and is trying to savour every bite. “I’m very careful how much I use,” he said.

Many Canadians are upset because Jiffy will still be available in about 60 other countries.  The cost of distributing the product in Canada became too much to bear.  Perhaps the duty free stores will start carrying it, so Canadians can still buy their favorite brand.

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