• February 22, 2024

Derek Chauvin’s Mom Just Revealed How She Found Out About His Near Fatal Stabbing…

 Derek Chauvin’s Mom Just Revealed How She Found Out About  His Near Fatal Stabbing…

Derek Chauvin’s mother claims that in the 24 hours following her son’s critical stabbing injuries, the prison did not get in touch with her or any other family members.

On Friday, Chauvin was attacked in Tucson, Arizona’s medium-security Federal Correctional Institution (FCI).

According to NBC News, the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office stated on Saturday that Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, is anticipated to live, saying, “I can confirm that, as of last night, Chauvin was expected to survive.”

No additional details about his condition were provided.

Carolyn Pawlenty, his mother, claims that because prison officials never got in touch with her, she had to learn about the stabbing and her son’s health through the media.

“I can’t even think what to say. I haven’t been to bed and made a path in my kitchen and living room floor by pacing. I am worried and scared,” Pawlenty told Alpha News.

“How the hell do these news agencies know and his own mother doesn’t even know? And that [prison] has an emergency contact number [for me],” Pawlenty added. “I have to stay strong for Derek as he does for me. There is no stronger love than a mother’s love.”

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the incident took place at about 12:30 p.m., and “responding employees isolated and contained the incident … responding employees initiated life-saving measures for one incarcerated individual. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were requested while life-saving efforts continued. The incarcerated individual was transported by EMS to a local hospital for further treatment and evaluation.”

Chauvin’s attorney, Bill Mohrman, told the outlet, “We have attempted to contact the Bureau of Prisons regarding the media reports regarding Mr. Chauvin and we have not heard back.”

According to a story from The Hill, Gregory Erickson, Chauvin’s civil case attorney, said that his family had not been informed of Chauvin’s illness.

“As an outsider, I view this lack of communication with his attorneys and family members as completely outrageous,” Erickson said. “It appears to be indicative of a poorly run facility and indicates how Derek’s assault was allowed to happen.”

“Although Derek’s family assumes he is stable because of a third-party report (not direct contact), they are understandably doubtful because of the lack of transparency that has permeated this ordeal,” he added.

The Tucson jail is well-known for having inadequate security and staffing problems.

The policeman shown on camera kneeling on George Floyd during his tragic encounter with the authorities was Chauvin. Summer 2020 saw countrywide protests following his death.

Chauvin is presently serving two separate 21-year terms for second-degree murder and violating Floyd’s civil rights.

Last Monday, the Supreme Court declined to consider his appeal.


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