Daughter Complains Of Severe Headaches. Then Doctors Look At MRI And Discover The Seriousness [VIDEO]

Are you a gambler? Would you consent to an experimental medical treatment if it could save your life? I not sure I would. Stephanie Lipscomb did. Lipscomb was a 20-year-old nursing student who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The radiation and chemotherapy worked and got rid of about 98% of the tumor. The cancer came back.

The experimental treatment was for doctors to inject Stephanie’s brain with the polio virus. No one had any idea what would happen. To everyone’s surprise, the polio vaccine actually started to kill off the cancer! In just 21 months, Stephanie’s tumor is completely gone! The video below will give you more information about how the polio virus is being used to treat cancer.

Take a look at this video

Who knows. Maybe one day this will be the cure for all cancer! Until then, stay strong and fight on – a cure could be right around the corner! Share away, people.


E. Goldstein

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