Dad Buys 2×4’s And Uses Them In Ways I Never Imagined. Here Are 15 Stunning Ideas [PHOTOS]

You don’t have to be a craftsman to create cool projects from 2x4s. There are some relatively easy ways to create magnificent pieces that will compliment your home inside and out.

You would probably pay hundreds or even thousands for pieces like this in a store or you can check out the ideas below and make them on your own.

Here are our favorite creative projects to make with 2×4’s.

Potting Bench

Make yourself a gardening station by following the directions here.


Sawhorse Bookcase

You can toss books or decorative pieces on this sawhorse bookcase which makes a great focal point in your home. The directions can be found here.


Test Tube Vase

This piece is super cute and chic and easy to make.


Plant Stand

Keep your indoor plants all in a row with this cute plant stand.


Hanging Flower Basket

This is a really beautiful piece for your backyard. Learn how to make it here.


Farmhouse Table

Find directions on how to make this charming farmhouse table here.


Kitchen Island

This DIY kitchen island made from 2x4s cost only $30. Find out how the designer made it here.


Rolling Storage Cart

Bring storage to any room in your home with this DIY rolling storage cart. Get the tutorial is here.


Outdoor Table With Built-In Coolers

Forget about going in and out of the house during your next outdoor party. This table has cooler to keep everything you need built right in. The tutorial can be found here.


Hanging Wine Rack

This hanging wine rack is functional and is a great display feature. You can find the directions here.


Hanging Shelf

This 2×4 with hinges makes a unique looking hanging shelf. Find out how to make it here.



Game night will be at your house from now on if you make these cool DIY Jenga pieces. Get the details on how to make them here.


Outdoor Swing

Use some 2x4s, chains, and hardware to create a fun outdoor swing according to this tutorial.


Narrow Table

If this was against a wall, a mirror would go perfectly over this adorable narrow table. Learn how to make it here.


Mini Bar Stools


They are perfect for plopping a potted plant on or another decorative piece. You can even use it as a step stool. Learn hot to make it here.

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